Tip of the Iceberg: Ricci v. New Haven Illustrates National Problem of Reverse Discrimination

The upcoming confirmation hearings regarding Judge Sotomayor will necessarily call attention to her record as a judge on the Second Circuit.  The most significant issue will be the decision she joined in Ricci v. New Haven.  In this case white and Hispanic firefighters filed suit because they were passed over for promotion when the City of New Haven did not act on the results of a promotion test – a test on which black firefighters performed poorly.  I like this video because it is a quick and insightful way of framing the issue and the contemporary stakes of the Sotomayor nomination.


One Response

  1. The phrase “Reverse Discrimination” is redundant & media should stop using it, something is EITHER Discrimination or it’s NOT.
    Anytime a person is hired or fired etc. DUE TO THEIR RACE it is Discrimination, the law is for everyone, not particular “ones”.
    Just because these plaintiffs are white & hispanic does NOT minimize the degree to which they were discriminated against.
    Using the R-D term lessens the fact of discrimination; african-americans do NOT own “discrimination”, everyone suffers from it in many ways.

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