Problems Adding Up for Obama Admin – 4.5 month review!!

John McCain is already looking like he was right about Obama’s lack of experience.

He has had several problems in the first 6 months of his administration, and few of them minor nor handled particularly well.

First – who is he and where was he born – and don’t dismiss this lightly – if a man doesn’t really have roots in this country or have this country as his most important thought when he wakes up or goes to bed because he comes from overseas and has their interests in mind first – he shouldn’t be President. France wouldn’t allow me to be president of France, and it shouldn’t be like that here. Not to mention it is a MAINSTAY in the CONSTITUTION. But he is fighting in court to not show his documentation like any other President has. Why? Where is the transparency?

Next – Acorn – nuff said

Next – his and his wife’s surrendering of their law licenses – Michelle’s being court ordered. No answers pending on that.

Next – Appointeegate – all of the different people he appointed that didn’t have a clean record. A poor showing of judgement and research, something you might not expect of the chief executive of our nation.

Next – his saving jobs plan. The stimulus plan to save everyone, but yet we have already exceeded the number of jobs lost that the admin predicted if we rushed this pork spending through the Congress. The crisis spending plan that was pushed upon the people with the dire warning that “we might not ever recover” if it wasn’t passed, and passed on Obama’s timeline.

This plan isn’t doing well with two of the largest companies in this country filing for bankruptcy, and most likely the loss of tens of thousands of UAW jobs (nice job backing the guy who forced this upon you folks – 30 days or 60 days for two of the largest companies to reorganize) going overseas. Reports are showing that many GM cars will be made in China and shipped back over here.

Their idea of good cuts to save the company – somewhere around 1.5 billion in promises to save a company spending that much in 2 weeks. That’ll save the company right? They really don’t care – it is now going to be the largest shareholder (.66 cents/dollar vs .13 cents/dollar for stakeholders) of a FAILING company shipping more and more jobs away from their own workers to China for what reason? To keep the pay the same for what? A company that won’t employ them anymore? Oh – and now we are going to spend 50 billion more? That we probably won’t get back?

Yep 70.00/hr on average with benefits vs nothing. Bet the UAW workers – not the leaders – the people losing their jobs eventually will be grateful to their leaders for making sure their jobs went to China because they “didn’t back down”

Next – his apologetic world tours, including the bow. Acting like we have to apologize for being strong, successful and with a much smaller landmass than Russia, China or India (and with less actual resources) we somehow are richer.

Next – The porkulus add on to the 2008 budget that Obama criticized Bush for his spending levels. Do most people realize that the bill that breezed through the pork happy Congress controlled by Pelosi and Reid easily outstripped 5 years of war spending in Iraq?  You know – the main reason Obama was voted in and McCain was rejected? All the money being wasted over there?

Next – Pelosi herself with all her problems with the truth – if someone had told that many stories to a police investigator, she would at least be the main suspect in an investigation.

Next – his kowtowing to Muslims while ignoring Isreal

Next – the Taliban making a strong bid to overthrow another ally in Pakistan

Next – North Korea bullying us around and now threatening to restart the war because we reached out with a hand and not a fist

Next – Iran  –  Another country we are stroking rather than slapping who is threatening to become a nuclear power – and most likely will due to North Korea perfecting their technology and looking to sell it. Can you say proliferation in the 2nd world?

Next – The justice department dismissing the case against the New Black Panthers when the men were caught on tape intimidating voters in Philly. Imagine if that had been a cop intimidating a black speeder and getting caught on tape doing it. Egad. Eric Holder and Obama dismissing this doesn’t smack at all of favoritism now does it? (/sarcasm) Especially after Obama had put a New Black Panther endorsement up on his campaign site until complaints had it taken down as showing favoritism to a black hate group.

Next – Appointment of a black radical criminal who endorses violent activism as the special environmental counsel to the White House (note – with a record, he shouldn’t even be allowed past the gates by the Secret Service and wouldn’t have been up until now)

Next – accusations of racism thrown up towards his first judicial appointee to the Supreme Court

Let’s not forget – movement towards more taxation of the people with higher CAFE standards (right when the ailing car companies cou’dn’t afford it – another shot to harm the UAW who helped elect him and each person will end up paying 1300 dollars for), the cap and trade bill that is modeled after the FAILING California plan (which will add thousands to each household’s debt) and the health care plan (only 2 trillion a year folks that we will have to pay for SOMEHOW) modeled after a plan in Massachusetts that is FAILING and BROKE. How about the VAT that is now being threatened to take care of the new programs?

Do people even understand how much TAX that the VAT  is and that the people will end up paying it because it is a cost of production that will be passed along to them? Each level of pieces and parts will have an additional percentage added to it. So for the thousands of parts on each car or house – it will make costs SOAR. In addition to income and withholding and all the other taxes?

How about the Employee Fair Choice Act that will force many companies to be unionized and SKYROCKET costs even more to the end customer, many on fixed incomes, part time workers, students, non union workers?

I’m sure I have missed a few things – but in the main a stellar start to a historical presidency – right?

I know many people roll their eyes about politics. Many are apathetic. This isn’t the time folks. Call, fax and email your Congress people NOW before much of this passes. Please spread this article via link to everyone on your email lists and social networks – this is huge – we can stop this now if we flood them with protests.

Send this post to radio talk show hosts, tv stations, newspapers. Send other links of the same vein as well. We need to spread the word.

But if we sit and wait because we don’t “feel like they’ll listen anyway” I can ***guarantee*** they won’t listen. It will be a self fulfilling prophecy that most of us will regret horribly.

Please help us get the word out!


5 Responses

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  2. Good stuff…unfortunately the list keeps growing 😦

  3. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Presdient Obama is NOT going to be happy about this! You’re going to be sharing a cell next to me, Sean Hannity and Michele Malkin. We should be learning some new tunes.

    Don’t forget the SEIU who through one of the LARGEST campagn fundraiser for Obama fighting for the wages in California and blocking Cali’s stimulus money for a moment… THEY are pissed too – Obama backed out of that – FLIPPED I believe is the more appropriate word….

    Not that California is any different than any other State. They’d have so much more money if they’d stop the illegals from crossing the borders and deport those that are found. Only problem is – we not only give healthcare and welfare to illegals (everywhere – not just Cali) but we also – thanks to the Surpreme Court are forced to use taxpayer dollars to educate the children of illegals (I know – innocent victims) BUT… there IS a process for a reason.

    Now – last but not least, I promise… on the subject of illegals – AMNESTY for all currently in the US. 10 million? I bet that number climbs a LOT higher when the program is set up RIGHT before the next election – when Acorn will step right up to the plate and register the new citizens.

    Where are all the lawyers??? ACORN needs to be shut down and unoperational. Also, where is the class action lawsuits against the government for the loss of taxpayer dollars on disgraceful auto bailouts that were 1. destined to fail and 2. Will send MORE jobs overseas than ever imagined?

    Keep up the noise – Liberal agenda is to use quotations of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin now to PROMOTE their case. That’s BULLS*** in it’s biggest form…

    Ok, I’ll ad one more – Sarah Palin being BLASTED by the Animal Rights organization – Defenders for Wildlife which has a pretty little Ashley Judd speaking on their behalf and raising funds against Palin…

    My response to that was:
    Within all the comments – you are diminishing your point. Do you dislike Palin – or the Wolf killing? If it is the wolf killing WHY are you so aggressively attacking one person?

    Read a quote from an Anchorage news story:

    “Aerial wolf hunting is one of those issues that makes an easy mark for groups looking to gain attention and elicit sympathy for their cause, so it’s not hard to understand why Defenders of Wildlife would stake their campaign on it. But if they were truly interested in stopping the practice, Palin is a questionable target. True, she’s been an unreserved supported of predator control programs. But the Alaska State Board of Game meetings that are coming up later this month, or the legislators who’ve twice rolled back voter initiatives banning the hunts, would’ve been better, more effective targets—if they were truly interested in stopping the practice.”

    The whole article is here:

    I don’t have a problem with campaigning against the shooting of wolves from the air – It does seem a bit barbaric to me as well…. but the campaign is targeting Sarah Palin and THAT makes it a political witch hunt.

    Sharon (article writer) a lot of our people have been here 400 years – my family included and have fought viciously for the preservation of wildlife and habitats (in upstate NY we fight the loggers who want to cut down a large portion of the Adirondack tress.) My point is this… the minute you place a target on one person verses the industry – you lose your creditability.

    The habitats of animals have been infringed upon for the entire 400 years your family (mine too, I might add) have lived in the new world. It is not a new practice to control game.

    Additionally, the ad does not mention that the targeting of wolves is in LESS than 10% of the State OR that wolves hunt in packs often killing many verses one like a bear. Additionally, bears hunt when hungry as I am sure you know – often leaving wildlife alone when not. Wolves are known to attack many and often leave animals wounded to die and not to eat. Perhaps, and again I am not an advocate for shooting wolves, that may be a portion of the reasoning behind the choice of wolf over bear in these areas.

    I hope that the group finds the success it is looking for – I just wish it would stop targeting one person and doing so based on that person being viewed as radical to THEIR political views. Animal advocacy should be ABOVE that.

  4. As a Chicagoan I though I knew all the chinks in the False Messiahs Foil Armor but you named some new ones. Thanks

    “his and his wife’s surrendering of their law licenses – Michelle’s being court ordered. No answers pending on that.”

  5. I swear it’s like he is trying to destroy this country. Every thing he does is either eroding our rights as citizens, destroying our economy or undermining our leadership in the world. He can’t be that stupid, it has to be on purpose.

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