More on SotoMayor – Rush’s take and more!

She is a horrible pick. She is the antithesis of a judge, by her own admission and in her own words. She has been overturned 80% by the Supreme Court. She may as well be on the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals, given all the time she’s overturned. She has been reprimanded by a truly strong Hispanic judge, Jose Cabranes. She has been rebuked in writing by Cabranes for opinions that she wrote that had no bearing on the constitutional issues before her in the case that was being decided. Details on that coming up. But here is why, even though she may not be able to be stopped, here is why Sonia Sotomayor needs to be opposed by the Republicans as far as they can take it, because the American people need to know who Barack Obama really is, and his choice of Sonia Sotomayor tells everybody, if we will tell the story of her, who he is.

He got up in his announcement and said everything about her that isn’t true, that she’s a great constitutionalist; that she doesn’t use personal opinion; that she understands what her role is and the oath is of a Supreme Court justice. She has done just the opposite of that. She is a hack like he is a hack in the sense that the court is a place to be used to make policy, not to adjudicate cases, not to adjudicate constitutional law but to make policy

Thanks to the American Spectator for the above portion of this article – check the link below for their piece on SotoMayor.

How in the world can one say what Rush is saying in this isn’t true. She isn’t a Constitutionalist, she’s a revisionist by her own admissions.

Obama says she doesn’t use her personal opinion – she talks about how she put personal opinion in all of her judgements, from a Latina and female point of view. And before you jump – judges are supposed to be as unbiased and neutral as possible.

She has claimed that the court is the place to make policy. The court is a place to render impartial judgements on cases in front of them based on the legal precedents and the existing laws. It is not for the court to make new policies based upon someone’s racial, sexual, religious or other opinions. That is the argument brought up to attack right leaning judicial appointments.

One last thing to consider: I can’t get my head around the hypocrisy about all the hubbub that comes up when a right wing judge gets appointed. All the huhu like with Bork. How about when someone like Sotomayor belongs to a group like the LatinoJustice who helped kill the appointment of Miguel Estrada to the Washington D.C. court of Appeals.

How about Justice Thomas having a hard life, like Obama said Sotomayor said was the first to have?

Are you kidding me? Who is writing the script for this movie? Can we leave the theatre yet?

When do the lies, lack of transparency, blatant partisanship and ramrodding through the most liberal, socialistic nonsense through in legislation and appointments stop?

2010 baby. Mark it down. Don’t let the media eat away at you. You know they’re going to try to play all this down. Remember this.

Don’t worry about the Presidency right now. We have bigger fish to fry. Vote for your conservative people in the primaries and get them into Congress.

We need a balancing act to BO, and that right quick.


3 Responses

  1. Political activism, liberal and moderate republican appeasement, female voters, and Hispanic voters. 4 reasons why she was chosen. She will win just like every other Obama pick has. Nobody will pay attention to what she has said, her words will mean nothing when they should count for everything. The messiah is never wrong, the messiah has spoken. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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  3. Republicans need to block her nomination. Sotomayor is a judicial activist who is a mediocre judge at best. But, the GOP are a bunch of wimps who don’t know how to stand up for conservatism. So, if a fillibuster happens than I will be surprised.

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