A New Turn Left on the Supreme Court

The latest Supreme Court nominee has no problem telling it like it is from the bench, at least in her opinion. And that is an opinion we had all be taking a close look at.

Michelle Malkin has a very long bio and a bunch of information about Sonia Sotomayor.

Couple of quick things – one – this pick having been picked by Bush I does notch another piece of proof about how close to the left the Bush family really was. Too bad I have a smallish blog and not a national TV show to shout this out.

Two – identity politics is real and this is in your face about it – she is about the most left that Obama could have appointed, and if the Repubs let her through without a filibuster, he knows how far he can push them. And then woe to all of us.

Three – Policy, according to the nominee, is to be made from the bench. This spells a lot of trouble as well, especially if any of the conservative judges come up for replacement while Obama is there.

While in many cases, the court has stayed rather neutral/centrist lately, if another left leaning judge gets appointed beyond the current spread – watch for a huge left turn in politics.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that almost anything the leftists disagree with would be raced to the courtroom – if you can actually believe in something faster than the speed of sound. We’ve known for decades that the court system has been a policy maker for the left on many occasions, but just wait until the Supreme Court swings left.

One thing I will be curious about – how hard the questions will be at her hearing, and how truthful her answers will be considering how much judicial work she’s done and how widespread her opinion is.

For more information on the nominee’s bio and viewpoints check out Michelle Malkin’s site here:



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