California Budget Shortage May Be Ballooning – “Maybe we should make cuts” says Gov.


I think someone may have finally gotten to Arnie and explained the facts of life. The people of California said no. Period. No Thanks! STOP IT!

And, in the meantime, quit giving yourselves pay raises twice while spending the state so broke it might require the feds to help.

With deficit forecasts growing darker by the day, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering a plan to slash California’s safety net for the poor by eliminating the state’s main welfare program, health insurance for low-income families and cash grants to college students.

How about cutting back on Green requirements – you know – that CRAP you just went to DC and recommended we bankrupt the whole damn nation with? The stuff you spent 16 billion on last year?

How about selling nuclear or coal fired plant licenses to raise money AND, by golly, help fix the problem you have with overpaying for your electricity that you have to IMPORT at a higher cost. Maybe – tell the people in your state how there has never been a death caused by nuclear power in this country and that is with type 1&2 plants. They are now building type 3 plants and working on designing newer plants.

Some countries use 80% nuclear with 0 incidents. That would be 0. ZERO.

As in how much money you have left.

How about reducing regulation and saving businesses tons of money rather than driving them out of state?

Officials in Sacramento began to bore in on the crisis Thursday, with the nonpartisan legislative analyst saying the deficit may already have ballooned to $24 billion and offering skepticism about some of the administration’s plans for closing the gap.

24 Billion. As usual – the government lies about how much they are spending until they “fix” the current crisis and then come back with a new crisis after the fact. How many times have you seen it happen? Do you really think it could GROW 5.5 billion dollars in 2 DAYS? Come on. Wake up people.

It added up to a sense of anxiety as lawmakers rushed to cobble together a spending plan before the state runs short of the cash it needs to pay bills in July.

Cobble together? Do you hear what YOUR representatives are doing to YOU California?

These ARE the folks YOU voted in – we didn’t do it to you from Virginia – YOU listened to their pipe dreams, pork and promises and sucked up to the public teat. Now they are looking for someone else to bear the burden – you, the fed govt (us), other investors.

You need to call the California Governmental offices and demand a freeze on spending to 2008 levels at a minimum and look at a cut per year of no less than 1% for EVERY single program. At least for 10 years.

Be responsible dammit. For once – send the message that the country needs to hear – this cap and trade, greening, socialist program fat system FAILS miserably and stop heading down that same road.

Make your new candidates sign pledges and MAKE them live by them by electing them out if they go against smaller govt, lower taxes, less regulation and returning more power to the States.

Father Government doesn’t know best. How many failures have we seen all over the world and here in this country? How many more are you people going to stick us all with before you wake up and realize that governments are BORROWING money because they can’t just create it without massively devaluing our dollar and destroying our economy.

This isn’t their money – it’s ours. If you want to donate 80% of what you make every year to charity or to help people – AWESOME. If you can’t afford that – at this time – it is too bad. You have to do what you are told to do by the minority in control twanging the strings of your guilt at being better off.

Don’t spend money which creates jobs – send it to the government. They are so efficient aren’t they?

Governor Schwarzenegger might be wise to go back and read the history of Capitalism and how it can work for everyone rather than living the lie of Socialism that is failing even his home country in Europe.

Follow the link below for more information on the California budget issue:,0,4603538.story


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