Severin Suspended – Fairness Abounds?

I must admit, I have heard the name, but I hadn’t heard the message.

Reading the following article by Keith Katsikas at The Right Movement made me snicker at the comments and cringe at the abuse of power being used by a radio station to seemingly pluck a conservative voice off the air.

Truthfully, any radio station has the right.

The problem I and others have is when the radio station in question has been paying someone 1+ million dollars a year for several years to say the exact same things they are now removing him from the air for.

Criminaliens? Oh for God’s sake! They ARE.

He doesn’t like Spanish as a language adopted by the US to pander to illegal aliens? Neither do a lot of us.

Derogatory remarks, like Stern or any other shock jock black, white, hispanic or any other race?

Come on folks – I don’t listen to ’em. Hated Imus cause he was a mumble mouthed moron in my opinion who did a lot of good works nonetheless. I really never thought Stern was all that funny. BUT. We created ’em. As a whole, shock jocks couldn’t exist if millions didn’t listen to them.

So – why do I care? Freedom of the press, honesty in reporting and true fairness in the media. Why can’t the left be happy with the TV and print media being theirs? All the right really has going for them is the radio.

Then along comes the fairness doctrine – which I won’t repeat because Keith has done a marvelous job at it in his article.

What you read should startle you – since the nature of the original ideal was a clean, sterile, thoughtful one that has been perverted by malignant narcissistic politicians who can think of nothing more than their centralization and cementing their own little powerful selves in seats where they will be hard to unseat thanks to McCain Feingold and this soon to be in place Fairness Doctrine.

Now all you’ll have left is the sycophantic droolers who have nothing but melons full of cancerous, hidden, partisan leanings that they think you are too stupid, useless, weak and pathetic to notice. People like Anderson Cooper, Keith Olberman, Garafalo, Whoopi and such are elitists trying to hold on to their own power base.

Their failing power base.

Their crumbling power base.

Do you think the fairness doctrine will apply to TV or Newspapers in this country?

If you’re shaking your head no to the last question, you know how to vote in 2010. You made up your own mind.

Check out this link to see more about the fairness doctrine and the suspension of Severin:


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