California, Cap & Trade, Unemployment and more

What bothers us conservatives about cap and trade?

What makes us spin our heads around and vomit pea soup?

Let me break out a couple of things:

The model for this bill is California

California is the largest importer of energy, even though it is the greenest state as far as energy goes. (They are also the hardest state to get anything accomplished as far as new energy sources – like putting in nuclear or coal fired electric plants).

Even with the miles of windmills and acres of solar panels, California cannot support itself energy wise. And how much have they spent on the greenification of this oh so energy poor state? Over 16 billion last year?

This is a state suffering from over regulation, over taxation, over spending and too much emphasis on green without regard for any other costs. Like, for instance, having to pay other power grids expanded costs for bringing the power in from the outside.

I guess it’s ok if other states use nuclear or coal fired energy to feed California’s green fixed but energy broke state. Oh, and economically broke state. Oh, and how much are they spending on imported electricity?

On top of a failed energy model – we are going to see really nasty employment problems too. How are the Dems going to solve this?

Simple. Let’s not only spend money on a system that doesn’t have any proven use to solve a problem with the environment that may most likely not exist – let’s spend a lot more of the working taxpayers money on even more UNEMPLOYMENT benefits.

What happened to all these green jobs that were supposed to be created?

Why are we having to build in 156 weeks of unemployment money into the green bill?

Probably the same reason we are about to use the broken and broke Massachusetts health care system for the national model.

If it ain’t broke, don’t use it? Is that the new motto?

Follow the link for more information on this:

Thanks to Melissa Clouthier from for bringing this information to my attention. Great columnist at a great site!


2 Responses

  1. This is a great piece, but I wish it had more facts or the links to more facts. I could send it around to my friends and we could use it to make strong, logical arguments against their rhetoric!


    • Helen,

      Sorry about that – I added a different link for you – the one I had on there that I thought led to the piece didn’t and for that I apologize.

      Try that link for some of the actual bill verbage

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