Scoundrel Sick – A Vast Left Wing Conspiracy???

YOU decide!

Yesterday, Mr. Scoundrel was well; hearty and hale.  Yet today, he is ill, allergies confounding his normal good health.  The very speed with which these allergies attacked is, in and of itself, extremely suspicious, do you not agree?  HEALTHY – SICK… HEALTHY – SICK.  Yes, it is definitely curious.

All this, after making suggestive remarks with regards to Nancy Pelosi, B.O., et al.  This is even MORE suspicious…  (Surely this is not a result of Carbon Feets or Global Warming or even… *gasp* Swine Flu??  Heck; it could be the vast Taxation Conspiracy of Senor Obamalama)

Still, we are hoping that Mr. Scoundrel recovers enough to place at least a token post by this evening.  We will keep you… ahem… posted!


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