New York Times – Prez Great for Paper’s Bankbook – Selling Memorabilia

The question is not whether a paper should be able to sell things to raise money, it is whether the paper then goes against its journalistic premise due to the fact that it skewed its news and then profited from it.

When a person who works for a paper admits that the paper has sold over 2 mil worth of Prez memorabilia and then another person from that same paper admits they spiked a pre election story about an ACORN scandal, questions have to be raised.

Before there can be cries of “WITCHHUNT” from the left, let’s assume that anyone opposing the left’s point of view had been tied to anything like this. Say Newt Gingrich and implications of the PAC problems?

And I am not saying anything like “step down” nor even implying it.

But, this needs to be investigated from the top down – ACORN is seemingly riddled with crooked people at many levels from the news stories out there. There are other stories pertaining to the census work that is yet to come. Before any of this takes place, let’s step on the problems now.

If you folks out there want to defend Obama for something I am not accusing him of, fine, but realize that I have ranted several times about honesty and not lying to the people you represent. I have ranted several times about the people needing to care enough to follow the politicians and make them pay politically for missteps.

Realize that if there are stories about an abuse of power of this magnitude, or if the ACORN census scandal waiting to happen doesn’t get stopped before it happens – there should be repercussions for anyone involved.

But really – the papers of the world had better figure out real quick that their circulations are crashing and burning for the slanting that seems to be happening when stories that could be relevant are spiked or held up for a few days. People are getting fed up and turning to blogs and the Internet precisely because of this fairly evident movement towards skewed reporting.

While sites like ours are right leaning – others are left, and we make no bones about it. The papers constantly manipulate the stories by language, placement on the page, above the fold, below the fold and which page they are on. BUT the difference is that they deny any slant – which is laughable.

When you possibly have something to do with electing a very personable President and then profit from that action in a large way (and who wouldn’t want 2 mil?) you should be scrutinized.

Will this all be examined? We’ll see!

Thanks again to Michelle Malkin for her excellent reporting! Check the link below:


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