Crist a New Specter Rising? Another lefty in righty clothing?

I had asked this question some time ago about Crist. When I heard he was getting ready to run for the Senate, I didn’t know much about him.

I guess he didn’t learn from others that people DO tend to look into what you say and do in a national election.


Anyway – going back to one of my favorite rant subjects – honesty. This guy is running on the Repub ticket, attempting to divide the voters of the right by being on that ballot vs. Rubio, and yet the news out of Florida about the candidate should strike more fear into a conservative’s heart.

He is possibly another Arlen Specter in the waiting.

There is no guarantee that he won’t switch sides during the most important debates, or just change teams all together.

According to RedState, his record and his statements tend to have us believing here that he couldn’t be trusted further than we could throw Arlen Specter.

Charlie Crist, Florida’s Governor and the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s chosen candidate for the Senate, has decided to endorse last week signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s “no tax” pledge. This week, Crist will approve the Florida legislature’s new budget, balanced by raising taxes.

This is NOT the message the Senatorial Committee wants to send out. Darn it – this is getting stupid. Stick to your guns and your ethics. Mean what you say and by God stick to it. What in the hell is the problem with cutting spending to make your budget balance Governor?

If the answer is that you’ll likely make people mad – then you ARE NOT the person we need in the Senate and the GOP needs to know that from you Floridians.

Please go to the link below at RedState for more info!


2 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s because the Republican Party has gone so far to the right that it is not only a characature of itself, but refuses to see that a degree of impartialitly is a good thing, not a bad one.

  2. LOL – With the way that Bush I and II supported many issues that were either mostly or fully left, I would really love to know how anyone could classify the GOP as too far right.

    Unless, as seems to be the case, waging a war on a person who turned schools, hospitals and churches into REAL torture chambers, killed several hundred thousand people, invaded 2 different countries and created mass graves was moving too far to the right.

    Seems like a President that was to the left took us in to stop just that kind of action on a smaller basis in Bosnia and Haiti. But *that’s* ok because it wasn’t a GOP person.

    Sometimes the loss of reason the left has due to someone just saying they are a conservative is startling.

    Lying to the electorate, whether left or right is a BAD thing.

    If Crist lied, he shouldn’t move forward to lie to more people.

    Are you afraid that if we start holding GOP accountable for lying that we’ll then turn our eyes to holding the Dems accountable?

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