Could this be true – GOP gaining strength moving right?

According to a Gallup poll, party affiliation is just about even for the first time in several years.

This tends to indicate a swing back to the right since the polls had shown a much more leftward move in the last two election cycles.

This could be, as many are pointing out, due to the Repubs talking a good right moving game since the people moved to the left due to dissatisfaction (for good reason) with the last administration.

Since the last administration spent so much, grew government so much and imitated the left so much on everything but war and tax cuts (for the most part), people were ready for a change.

This is a similar reaction to what happened to Bush’s father the first time, but the son didn’t learn from his father. Bush I squandered Reagan’s big tent, squandered a 90% approval rating, increased spending, government, taxes, cut the military and increased regulations.

Bush II was fortunate not to get thrown out in 2004, but he did lose what the Repubs gained in 1994 with Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.

Personally, I believe the left will continue to push as hard and far as they can, but the GOP will continue to gain strength due to the left’s obstinance. They seem to think they know better and don’t remember any better than Bush II remembered what happened to Bush I.

If the Repubs are smart – they will go hard charging with their spending after the Congress in 2010 and not worry all that much about the Presidency. People who are in the know can explain where the power actually resides in the government, and we lost that in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

But, and I caution you on this, people need to educate themselves, make notes on promises, let politicians know they are going to be held accountable and vote them out if they break their promises.

Politicians should move the government back towards states rights and away from centralist control, bring the Fair Tax in and give the power back to a level closer to the people. They need to worry about the nation more than their own power and the pork they can bring home. The people need to worry more about the country as a whole and less about the special project cash being brought home and let their candidates know about it.

The GOP will continue to gain strength if they stick close to what they espouse – smaller government, less taxes, more power to the states and people and less government interference. Let’s make that happen by getting the word out!


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