Cut YOUR Freaking Spending – Quit Taking OUR Money say Californians

You know, I think the message is finally starting to sink in. And the cool thing that I am seeing with this trend is that California seems to lead nationwide trends, especially in things that mercilessly regulate or tax us.

Maybe it will swing the pendulum the other way finally.

Governor Arnie wants to tax the cugada out of the people of California and is trying to use a special election to see how the people feel about it.

Well, according to this article that I found on Michelle Malkin’s website – they aren’t feeling the Gov. They aren’t feeling anything but the pain, and frankly, the politicians better figure it out if they want to save their careers.

My message to anyone in California: Don’t elect anyone who won’t sign a pledge (physically sign it) to cut spending 1% a year for 10 years in every single department. Vote the people out of office who have lied to you. Vote people in, then KEEP AN EYE ON THEM. Enforce your will. YOU are the people, not them.

This is the message that everyone needs to get.

They are OUR representatives. Everywhere you see corruption, graft, theft, misappropriation and just plain stupid spending, it is OUR fault.


Because we are politically stupid, and too damn lazy to fix that fact. Talk to people like I do about politics. What do you get? You folks who talk about it know.

Yawn! “That is so boring” “I am apolitical” “I don’t care about that” “They are all crooks”

You know what? All the people in this country aren’t crooks or evil. Really. And we could actually have a Congress on state and federal levels that actually gave a rat’s fanny about us if we made them.

Fine – if the true liberal message wins in a state or federal race -fine. But communicate that message honestly and let the people truly know what they are voting for. If the conservative message wins – fine – let the people decide.

Newspapers are slowly coming to the realization that maybe, just MAYBE, the people are starting to wise up a bit and that MIGHT be why their circulation is dropping so badly – people don’t really want to read socialism newspapers that present one side of the truth.

The same can be said with all the Mainstream and some cable networks. There is a reason that Fox is stomping the heck out of them.

There are reasons why sites like ours are starting to flourish.


I tell you what I believe – unabashedly. Had I done this when Bush was around I would have been rather merciless on him too. He and his father squandered some of the most inflential times Republicans have had in the last 100 years on pork and lies and liberal government growth and regulation.

Think the Californians are about ready to erupt? I think the state that is one of the highest taxed in the nation is about ready to explode with the fury that you see building in people around the country, and that this is a foreboding for the liberals that might just blow up in their face in 2010.

You think the politicians are scared? Nope. I think we have proven to them that collectively, our nation votes like sheep with short memories. Show most people a poll and watch them shift around in the pen to where the majority guides them.

I think that the tax parties and protests had better do nothing but grow to immense proportions. Take time from work and employers – you NEED to let them take the time from work to fight this rising tide of socialism.

We need to stop this – as California is. They are in the process, according to the polls, of voting down 5 out of 6 special election measures calling for higher taxes, and voting up 1 measure banning California politicians from voting themselves a raise while being in the red on the budget.

That one is leading by 10 points. Get the picture?

Check out the Michelle Malkin article:


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