Priest Arrested at Notre Dame For Shame – For Shame

This is an amazing sight.

A Priest protesting as is his right. Obviously not going to hurt or attack anyone.

What a threat the liberals removed from the streets of America today. Hooray the gallant police who followed their orders so blindly in order to preserve their masters’ wills.

What a crying shame this is happening. Remember the lefties in the 60s?
Remember the horror and anger about anyone being stopped from protesting?
Where is that self same horror from the 1st amendment crowd now?

I guess you can support anything in the name of your own President – funny how when we supported Bush on a few things we were called all sorts of names.

Stand up for this man’s rights like you would your own.

Are you so afraid of his views that you would jeer and sneer at an elderly priest being manhandled?

What if it was your elderly mother?
What if it was your best friend?
What if they have differing views from this President? You think they’ll be handled any differently because YOU like Barack Obama?

Go ahead – and when your rights are being violated – I’ll be there to stand up for YOU.

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8 Responses

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  2. What bothers me is republicans were ok with the patriot act when that violated our constitutional rights. They only cry foul now because they aren’t in power. It is shameful that a priest is cuffed and dragged away for simply protesting which is his right. I just wish republicans won’t quiet down like the dems did once they get back in power. Seems like each party gets elected not for what they can do..but because we saw what the other party couldn’t do. Time for a 3rd party or Ron Paul

  3. I agree with the premise of what you are saying in reverse – Look at UNC and what kids have done there twice, but don’t let a conservative do that.

    A black republican is invited and the kid who invited him is arrested for posting a flyer that someone thought they were “racist” even though the title “Its ok to leave the plantation” was right next to a pic of the black author. The kid was kicked out of school.

    There are hundreds of these kinds of incidents to the right side protestors.

    The latest was the CNN dork and the rest of the MSM disparaging a differing point of view – and it was all ok by the administration’s point of view.

    However, I agree that it shouldn’t happen to anyone. I do apologize, because I know the conservatives shouldn’t have conducted a raid on CNN or arrested and carted off Garafolo on a body board while blocking her supporters from assisting her. I know that the human shields shouldn’t have been detained, the protestors on so many college campuses as well as in the streets in front of the WTO or RNC convention shouldn’t have been arrested unless actually breaking the law.
    I agree that permits shouldn’t be refused liberal protestors, that they should be allowed access to areas near their protests, should be able to organize whatever parades they want.

    Funny thing is – all that actually doesn’t happen to the left. It does happen to the right, however.

    You do realize that Constitutionally, the Patriot Act could very easily fall under the “provide a common defense” aspect of the Constitution as opposed to the majority of the Federal government being unConstitutional due to the abuse of the progressive’s interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause as well as finding so many rights in the Constitution that don’t exist.

    I understand that you feel that many of us conservatives don’t beat up on Bush – but I am not one of them. If you were to read the California article, I beat up on him rather badly.

    I still believe he was further towards the democrat side of the aisle than not.

    Ron Paul doesn’t necessarily attract me, because I think he gets out there on a limb, and he is a wasted vote. I believe that we need a conservative point of view from a younger, more conservative person who will break away from the Ford/Rockefeller wing of the party and move us back to the ideals of Reagan.

    Ron Paul isn’t it.

    I didn’t get quiet. Most of what people are fussing about under Bush makes me laugh because if the left were to look back at his laws, a large majority of them contributed to the leftward movement of this country. Some were Bush apologists.

    I tend to say what I think and that is the fact that we don’t elect honest politicians who think about all of America first – we elect the more photogenic power hungry punks who are more inclined to bring pork home no matter what it does to the country just to keep that power.

    Most of this wouldn’t be necessary if more people were politically astute and worked to keep the politicians inside the realm of their defined powers and limited the federal government to that document you mentioned.

    Hope this clarifies a little more where I stand.

    • Ron Paul is the closest thing to a Reagen the Republican party has. Ron Paul won’t wage a war on a tactic. “War on terror,” biggest joke of all time. Yea lets wage war on anger. But not before we supply The Iraqi’s with the gas they used on their own people, or Bin Laden to fight the soviets. The GOP can’t explain how they are going to reduce the budget and maintain their NeoCon empire building ways. The only true conservative who will break away from our deficit spending will be Ron Paul. If you are looking for a younger free thinker then go to Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son. He’ll most likely be running for Senate in Kentucky.

      Unless you are praying for Jeb Bush. There are a few notable names in the GOP left. Palin, Romney, Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Romney, and Huckabee just sound like preachy fakes who will definitely push the neo con agenda if they get in. Ron Paul is the most reasonable thinker in Washington. But if you can tell me how you will maintain a war on terror and bring America back to its prosperous days let me know..then maybe Romney, Huckabee won’t sound so silly as a choice.

  4. Firstly – you don’t sound like you read what I replied other than the “Ron Paul” part.

    Second – I wouldn’t have another Bush in the WH

    Third – your vitriol kind of starts to point a little more in the direction that you hang out in

    Fourth – You sound like you are a person who is primarily against the war as a single vote kind of person – empire building? You aren’t really serious in the Ghengis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, Japan, English, Dutch, German, French sort of manner in that we have surrendered colonies that we started like the Phillipines for example.

    You really think that the amount spent by the US on the war has bankrupted the US so badly that you are willing to distract from the problems of today? Today like 1.2 trillion being spent on crap? Like 600 billion on other people’s mortgages? Like 400 billiion in earmarks added to the current budget? Anything else… that’s all I can think of.

    How much have we spent on the Iraqi war? 300-400 billion in 6 years? Versus 2.2 Trillion in 4 months?

    What in the world is Ron Paul thinking other than how to get more of his own personal power and glory to distract from this problem president by bashing someone NO LONGER WITHIN 2000 miles of the White House.

    I would love a Gingrich/Huckabee or Romney ticket. Certainly would be better than this pres or the last.

  5. Well at least we can agree both Bush/Obama are mistakes for America

  6. I would agree to that for sure. I do appreciate that you stopped by and commented – and I am glad you did.

    Stimulated my brain into usage on a Sunday evening

  7. if you want more stimulating talk..there are people that express themselves much better than i do at

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


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