Um – We interpret what we said differently say Hospital and Insurance officials

So, once again, here we sit with a fib, exaggeration, lie, whatever.

It isn’t the transparent truth.

Isn’t that what we were promised? By the “big guy” himself?

This isn’t the first occasion that I have seen  a retraction by the administration or from someone else about news that has been released.

Heck, we just saw the President double back on military tribunals and releasing photos, right?

Bringing in the medical field on Monday to crow about how everyone was working well with the administration and all was going to be hunky dory was severely downgraded by the other people in the room with Barack. Isn’t it amazing that we are hearing 2 different stories?

Who do you want to believe? Who do you think is telling the truth?

Somehow or another, the corporate side of things is starting to smell more and more like the truth after starting to smell more and more bull dookey coming from the other side of the fence. Barack is spending political capital and allies like a madman. He is starting to have a cost on their party – and all the panicky whining from the left about how conservatives are done, stupid, dead, a minority, etc. points more and more to that conclusion.

Barack has them scared a little now too.

Read this great article by Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades to get more info!

Ace of Spades HQ.


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