Rick Perry: States will assert their independence

Rick Perry is back in the news in another morale boosting move by someone on the right.

Rather than giving us another reason to feel like this country is totally going down the toilet, he asserts that more and more states will follow Texas’ example of taking back some of their Constitutionally guaranteed States Rights.

If the trend contines, our feeling is that this could devolve quickly into many states stripping away the power used against them by an unwieldy, unorganized, inefficient and unwelcome Federal government.

This would be a welcome sight for most of the conservative thinkers out there. You know who I mean – the ones who haven’t abandoned the faith to meander into the spotlight of the Obamasucking media. The ones who, like Arlen Specter, haven’t lied outrageously about their beliefs or motives for wishing to hold office.

Moving towards States Rights would reduce the load the taxpayers would have to bear for a program in, say, California when that taxpayer lives in Ohio. It would also raise the efficiency of the money being distributed to programs.

We have all heard the percentage, 26%, of every dollar coming back to any program or state out of the Federal Government.

The rest, of course, stays in the beltway to pay for that burgeoning pig fest called the Federal Government.

By the way – according to the DHS’ recently released then hastily regrabbed up memo – I am a suspected right wing terrorist extremist for wishing to shrink the size of the government and give powers back to the states.

How’s that for a power grabbing, centrist monopoly? Anyone really wonder why they would say that?

Thanks to Politico.com for a great article!

Rick Perry: States will ‘assert their independence’ – Andy Barr – POLITICO.com.


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