Newt for President!

Hooray for Newt!  I was so thrilled to hear his comments today regarding Nancy Pelosi’s lying, evil ways.  I have been waiting for many years now to hear a conservative with the stones to say what is RIGHT!  (And by this, I mean correct). 

It is so depressing to hear the Left lambast our various officials.  Screeching fallacies, misconceptions, exaggerations and outright lies about us at a hysterical pitch.  And our conservative leaders, for the most part, hang their heads, flagellate themselves with their scourges while wearing hair shirts and begging the Left’s pardon.  Where are the cojones to stand up and say to those Liberal Loonies – HOLD ON – YOU ARE WRONG – HERE ARE THE FACTS!  No.  We don’t stand up for the truth, for logic or for our freedom.  

But today, on ABC, Newt Gingrich did just that, without candy coating anything!

It was, if you will excuse the term, liberating!  He was brutal in his appraisal of Nancy Pelosi’s behavior with regards to the “what she did know, what she didn’t know – WHEN she didn’t know what she knows… yaddah, yaddah, blah”.  We know because of the various versions she has spouted about when/if/etc. she was informed of the methods used to extract vital information regarding planned attacks on Americans.  But the media, of course, does not really press this issue; as they do not press anything that comes from the left. 

I wish from my soul that Mr. Gingrich would consider running for President (if we even have elections as we know them in 4 years, rather than a dictatorship/president for life situation).  Newt is honest in his views, he is so smart, and he is an historian.  He is well spoken, and as far as I know, he doesn’t need a teleprompter to guide his every move. 

I know that the Left was brutal to him years ago, when he was the Speaker of the House.  They were threatened by his “Contract with America” that was actually verging on complete success – something that the left could not tolerate.  Brutality in lies and innuendo is obviously the only way the left could regain their power – it is their tried and true methodology, isn’t it?  But, if we could FINALLY have a CONSERVATIVE again; one who won’t take the baloney.  One who will stand up to the crap that issues forth from the liberal cess pool; one who believes in America as a Sovereign Nation; one who believes in our freedoms, and what our Founding Fathers believed in.  I believe that man is Newt Gingrich.  I also believe that Newt Gingrich is the man who could break through the depressed apathy of the conservative right and reunite us and energize us!  (Can you see a Gingrich/Palin ticket? How about Gingrich/Huckabee?) ( The only thing I am not sure of, is if Gingrich supports the Fair Tax.) 

It is time for pride and unity, Mr. Gingrich.  HELP US!


2 Responses

  1. I’m all for that Gingrich/Palin ticket. Newt would mop the floor with Obama in a debate!

    • I completely agree – Sarah was the only thing about the McCain/Palin ticket that had any spunk and the nerve to state loudly her principles. I also like Huckabee; especially as he is a proponent of the Fair Tax which I am vigorously in favor of!

      Thanks for the comment! Now we just have to get Newt to go for it! 🙂

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