More Freedom Attacks

The system is having problems controlling bullying, so let’s make the laws broader and broader.

The only problem is, the laws the Congress wants to make to try and control cyber bullying is going to be so broad as to get in the way of other people’s rights.

No, you say. The Congress wouldn’t abuse the system if it was left a loophole. Right?

Like they don’t use the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution to make a mockery of that same document?

Out of all the powers, that is the only one the Congress could use to twist the Constitution to allow all this growth. After all, most everything in this country is involved in interstate commerce. Right? ::wink wink::

This act is another step to 1984. Plain and simple, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and frankly – let’s call the thing at the end of the dog it’s tail, it was done that way on purpose.

Bluntly, the pattern of power grabs in this country is so plain as to be visible to someone like Rain Man, much less a more politcally astute public.

Start off small, like SCHIP and medication benefits to start pushing Federal Health Care.

Start off small, like non smoking sections on flights 40 years ago.

Start off small, like retirement supplementals – you know that multi hundreds of billions program called Social Security? That program that will be spending more than is being taken in in 2016, a year earlier than projected last year?


Just like the treaty that is being worked on secretly that will allow the US to scan anyone’s hard drive on their laptop or music player. From the language that I was hearing – it sounds like it is searching upon entering the US, but how long do you think it will take for that to change if I’m right?

What’s that line about some animals being more equal than others? Hmm?


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