Obamedicaid – How Cost Effective will the Socialized Medical Plan REALLY be?

I am in the process of reading a very humorous, very enlightening book entitled, “Welcome to Obamaland – I have seen your future, and it doesn’t work”, by British author James Delingpole

In this book, Mr. Delingpole enlightens us as to what imposed Socialism does to a Capitalist society.  He shows us most clearly what has happened to his beloved England since the New Labour Party took over from Margaret Thatcher in 1997.  And believe me, it is chilling.

One chapter, which he entitles, “The Envy of the World” describes in horrific detail what Great Britain’s “National Health Service”, or NHS is.  Mr. Delingpole lists 14 specific horrors of the NHS, and I will list a few of them here.   This is just to give us a taste of what we have to look forward to when our Big Man imposes his brilliant Health Care System on us poor, naive, unsuspecting Americans who can’t make any decisions for ourselves:

  • Husband found by wife lying in same filthy sheets he vomited on when admitted to hospital two days earlier
  • Patient complaints increase by 45 percent from 95,000 per year in 2004 to 138,000 in 2006
  • 100,000 Alzheimer’s sufferers told NHS cannot afford the $4.00 a day for drugs to alleviate their condition
  • Nigerian visitor seeks heart transplant at British taxpayer’s expense.  Annual cost to NHS of “Health tourism” estimated at between 50 million and 200 million pounds
  • One in 300 of  British hospital deaths is the result of a patient contracting an infection completely unrelated to the one for which they were hospitalized

Again, I am quoting a section from James Delingpole’s book, “Welcome to Obamaland…”  My point in outlining this is for us all to ask the question; exactly how free is free health care going to be??

Those of us with any capacity for logic understand that the answer is obvious.   It will cost nearly a trillion dollars and it will be paid for by a government that has NO MONEY.  We are so far in the hole already it is ludicrous.  Therefore, they (government) will have to find even more and bigger ways to tax us, the working class Americans. 

In my opinion, the best way to make health care more accessible is to severely limit the frivolous lawsuits; and to make someone who loses such a suit be fully responsible for all court costs.  If the malpractice costs were brought into a realistic line, then all costs would, of course, follow suit. 

I guess the point of attack should be the tort lawyers, and the “ambulance chasers”.  But, obviously, that is not going to happen, because the legal community is a heavy supporter of politics; mostly because that is where our politicians are born and bred.

So, barring the Bard’s idea of killing all the lawyers (which at times sounds almost appealing), it has to be up to us, the few, the proud, the conservative to MAKE NOISE.  We have to stand up and holler that we will NOT suffer the indignities of socialized health care.  That we have no desire to be Canada or England or any of the other countries who have nationalized health care systems and suffer for it.  WE ARE AMERICANS and we wish to stay that way.


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