Okay, I just cannot wrap my mind around this one.  The Big Man (and oh, do I use the term euphemistically) is about to levy a tax on corporations that produce “too much” Co2.

I’m guessing that Obama and his cronies (for they are nothing more to me) never took high school biology.

If my memory serves, oxygen production is DEPENDENT upon Co2 – that is called photosynthesis.  From Wikipedia:

“In plants, algae and cyanobacteria photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide and water, releasing oxygen as a waste product. Photosynthesis is crucially important for life on Earth, since as well as it maintaining the normal level of oxygen in the atmosphere, nearly all life either depends on it directly as a source of energy, or indirectly as the ultimate source of the energy in their food.” 
For the full definition, go here:

So, what we have in a nutshell, is a TAX ON AIR.  I could understand this if we lived on… say…. the MOON maybe!!??   Actually, what we have is a government that is desperately and avidly looking for ANYTHING that they can tax.  They are not concerned in the least about the devastation to our economy that this foolish tax will cause.  There is absolutely no logic in play in our government at this time; only the will to rape and pillage.  Personally, I am terrified at what ELSE he is going to do to us.  Again, I urge all of us to MAKE NOISE!  We MUST find a way to stop this travesty.  We must work together and make a stand!  Please!?


4 Responses

  1. If you wish to determine the ill-effects of too much CO2, try surviving in a sealed room with a controlled flame.

    The potential impact of too much CO2 is a runaway condition that would turn the Earth into something closer to Venus.

  2. What if the sealed room, like the planet had atmospheric regeneration devices called plants that turn CO2 into oxygen?

    Photosynthesis is something we need and CO2 is a major part of this.

    You can’t just declare one side of the argument like the controlled flame part – it is disingenous to not include the second part – the filters that are provided

  3. Tax is a boogieman in the USA unlike anywhere else in the world. The tax is on CO2 emissions NOT on air. Be very critical of where the tax money goes if you like but recognize that waste output is a economic and social cost–no different then the sewer systems and the garbage removal from homes and businesses. Why is air pollution any different to you?

    For too long pollution has been an uncounted cost of business without any concern for the consequences. Taxing CO2 is a step towards acting on a serious problem of what we and the rest of the planet breathes.

    Leadership on this issues has STRENGTHENED industry that take the long view of economics. Look at the examples in the carpet and office furniture manufacturing industry that are now capturing their waste stream as a resource. The leaders in holistic business practices are the leaders in their industries. There are millions of small scale examples happening all over the world.

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