Unbelievable – NEW TAXES in a BAD ECONOMY – Please Read!

President Obama, in his wisdom, and with his promise to save us all from Bush, evil corporations, greed and rich people is about to raise taxes.

First – the cap & trade tax. This is where corporations have to purchase the license rights to use equipment that exhausts CO2. They feel that this will earn 80 billion dollars at the cost of 1600 dollars per family. You know that this will get passed on.

Corporations exist to make money. That is their purpose. Costs like this new tax will get passed on. So that is a new tax on the retail customers of America.

The second tax is going to be an increase on taxes on people earning over 250k a year. Of course, this isn’t going to earn as much as people skirt these extra taxes by adjusting how they earn their money or defer profit taking, adjust expenses, etc. Obama believes that adjusting taxes upwards will result in that amount coming into the treasury.

Let’s relate this to something that is really happening. A group I belong to raised their fees quite a bit hoping to raise revenues off their membership. The result: They have lost 16% of their membership – a net loss. Think this won’t happen with taxes?

The third tax – tax corporations higher for earnings from overseas. The article that I’m linking to states a couple of good reasons that this is a really bad idea, but truly, one is even worse. What is to prevent US corporations from moving their HQs to another country and therefore not being a US corporation any longer?

In Europe, who we model most of the crap after, they use a value added tax, which is a version of the Fair Tax. Using this method would make this country more of a tax haven, bringing companies, plants and jobs back to the US.

Also, in an interview – 500 companies were asked what would happen if the Fair Tax were enacted. 400 said they would build their next facility here. The other 100 said they would move their entire operation here.

That would mean jobs, income, revenue for the government not only from the corporations, but the people who now have jobs that didn’t.

But we are going to punish corporations for being successful.

Corporations make money. Corporations spend money on people and equipment. Spending money on equipment employs other people. Corporations use services, which employ other people. Corporations also perform charity work in their neighborhoods, helping hundreds of thousands of people.

WHEN is America going to wake up, quit listening to a MINORITY of vocal people who hate corporations for very, very small reasons and start supporting the companies that actually drive America’s economic engine, provide all of us with our homes, cars, tvs, food, clothes, etc.?

When are you going to quit peeing in the stream upriver from where YOU bathe?

Common sense – you want a job? You might want to have a company around with the money available to hire you.

You want corporate charity? You might want to have a company around with the money available to help people.

You want all that fancy stuff you enjoy owning? Keep listening to that minority of people who enjoy sitting around on their asses and getting freebies from all of us and quite soon we’ll all be in the same position they are in.

When are we all going to start working on being the vocal majority? When are companies going to take a little courage and work with employees to allow them the time to help support the company?

Please help me understand why these welfare socialists are going to succeed on tearing down the most successful economy in the world? Tell me when we are going to take the time and make the effort to let Washington know that we don’t want this whole economy gutted for a failed economic model.

Please, link to this site and others like it. Spread the word, generate hits, make comments, drive the conservative voice home. Don’t let the country fall prey to these socialists who want to destroy everything we believe in.

Help us, help each other. Cooperation is the order of the day, and aggressive cooperation if we want to stop this insanity. We need to let the Congress know that they won’t get re-elected if this path is followed. We need to swamp them with phone calls and faxes in the millions. This is the last stand folks – desperation is here and if you ignore it now, it will harm us all more than you can imagine.




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