Conservatives Change? Yes or no?

The question keeps coming to my mind.

Why are we wanting to change our thought processes as American Conservatives and Constitutionalists?

Why are we following the thoughts of people we disagree with politically and in some cases morally?

Think about all the different courses of action or issues that are debated in the American political arena. On how many of the main 20-30 issues do we agree with the left side of the aisle?

The real question is do we want to abandon our principles? We defend vehemently our beliefs when questioned, but when it comes to the media pounding on our skulls, it seems to soften the movement’s resolve.

I don’t understand this.

I haven’t changed my point of view regarding gun control, abortion, economics, regulation, freedom of religion or press, taxes, leave business alone, minimal federal government or how we need to leave the Constitution alone.

Our government has outlasted most forms of government in the modern world. Many countries have had coups or revolution, some have had many in the same time we have been stable.

Our country has seen unprecedented growth with less population and, believe it or not, natural resources, than several 0ther countries in the world. We aren’t even the largest in land mass.

But somehow we did it. We were the difference in many wars around the globe, on the good side of things. We saved people from all sorts of tyrants, death, real torture, mutilation, starvation, disease, poverty, etc.

We have been largely a force of good in this world.


We should change everything we believe is good because someone who believes in the polar opposite of us says we should. Is that the correct interpretation?

Colin Powell and all of his ilk can get the heck out of the conservative movement. Quit trying to be a fifth column inside it. People who have associated with him in the past should honestly look at his character and the way he is playing “conservative that has learned better in a papa knows best sort of manner” considering some of the word we have heard about his background and his beliefs that he has held near and dear.

Arlen Specter is another of the turncoat kind who I personally, in my opinion, wouldn’t trust in a foxhole next to me when the going got tough. He might be the kind to see that there was a possibility of losing and turn on his teammates to participate on the winning side.

All of you who don’t subscribe to our way of thinking, please stop trying to tell us how to believe. I will argue against your beliefs and debate the outcomes in the hope that you will see the light, but I won’t be disingenuous about what my meaning is, nor will I hide behind some mask and try to tell you that my beliefs are different than they really are in an attempt to sneak up on you.

Just tell people what you really are, demand it of the people you have representing you. Honestly, do you really endorse the dishonesty illustrated by people like Powell and Specter? Just to win? No MATTER the cost?

What about the cost to the country? As a whole?

What if everything that is supporting the Great Society goes down the tubes and the trough runs empty because people like myself quit working because I don’t want to support those who don’t want to work or would rather have freebies delivered to them?

What then?

Have you see pictures of old Russia? Have you seen pictures of real poverty stricken areas? I don’t mean a ghetto where most people have a car and a tv. I mean a real ghetto like in Haiti or other Caribbean nations? Calcutta?

Is that what you really want? Spend everything we have, devalue the dollar, turn ourselves into a third world country to assuage our “Guilt”? Put ourselves in a position to not be able to help others?

Just because someone else says we should do this? And not only do they tell us how wrong we are – in a lot of cases, the “party of inclusion and compassion” talks to us like we are evil degenerates planning our next murder in a serial string of murders. How mean and spiteful do you have to be to get your point across? Can’t you debate politely and honestly?

We believe we’re right in our hearts. This isn’t some mean spirited debate – this is a debate of what we think of right and wrong. This is defending what this nation was founded and built and succeeded on.

Where do you stand on this?


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