Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Republicans?

You may have noticed our new masthead, which I put together yesterday.  For those of you techies who understand this stuff, I created this using nothing more complex than MS Paint.   No Photoshop or anything I had to pay for.

So, there’s hope.

Here’s the fun part: There are 12 Republicans in this picture; 13 if you count the white guy out-of-focus to the right of Bobby Jindal.  Him I have no idea who he is; nor the two guys in pink McCain T-shirts at the far right.  But the other 12?

That’s your assignment.  Give me names.  First person to name all 12 correctly wins (1) your name on this blog, (2) your photo enshrined as the Winner on this blog, and (3) The warm rosy glow of sucess.

So, there’s that.

Contest starts now and runs until it’s over.  I reserve the right to name an arbitrary winner with most correct answers after one week or if I’m bored.

The game’s afoot.



7 Responses

  1. Reagan, Eisenhower, Grant, Condi, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, Michelle Malkin, Newt, Laura Schlessinger

    And I’m counting 11 unless you want me to call Palin on the stage

  2. You missed two – one male and one female. Hint: It’s not Michael Steele.

  3. That’s not Walter Williams in an earlier photo is it?

    The lady, I must admit, I don’t know right off the top of my head

  4. Reagan, Eisenhower, Grant, Condi, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, Sarah Palin, Carl Malone, Bobby Jindal, Michelle Malkin, Newt, Tammy Bruce

    {{Correct! Tammy Bruce and Carl Malone of the Utah Jazz are the two mystery Republicans! Congratulations! I owe you a margarita on the San Antonio Riverwalk when you get down here.}}

  5. Awesome job on Tammy Bruce – following her on Twitter now
    Not sure on Malone, but could be – hard to tell with that pic – didn’t remember him being repub but looked him up

  6. You can thank Twitter for the Tammy Bruce answer. I had never heard of her untill I started following her thought TCOT. But sure as heck recognized her picture after all those Tweets.

  7. I’ll take you up on the Margarita in San Antonio….I’m only in Ft Worth and make it to the river walk often.

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