Dick Morris Gets It RIGHT; It’s The Conservatism, Stupid!

I’ve been following the #TCOT stream on The #TCOT Report (and if you’re not on Twitter or a member of #TCOT, why the heck not? Go HERE to start the process!) and I keep seeing stories about Republicans jockeying for position for the 2012 Elections.

Huckabee_and_RomneyAnd looking really stupid doing it.

Just today I saw stories on Mitt Romney criticizes Michael Steele over comments on his Mormonism, while Mike Huckabee criticized Steele last week on his pro-choice comments. Last week it was everybody piling on Sarah Palin and how “not ready” she will be in 2012.

Gentlemen, gentlemen; please!

sarah-palin-smilingYou want to know why Sarah Palin has such a strong following for such an inexperienced politician? You want to know why none of you are leading the pack in the polls? You want to know what you can do to improve your chances for 2012, let alone 2010?

Dick Morris has the answer HERE; “It’s the Conservatism, Stupid!”

This is a time for the party to stand firm on its principles until this nation again comes around to the GOP’s way of thinking. This process will be driven by the consequences of President Obama’s program.

All America will be watching the Obama fallout, and Republicans must be seen as a clear alternativea strong voice for reversal of the harm the president will have inflicted — if they are to benefit from this catastrophe.

This process — polarization, debate, synthesis and action — is how America has always moved ahead. We are not Japan; we use the debate to see the options. And we are not Italy or France; we come to conclusions and act upon them, eventually leaving the debate far behind.

But now is the time for clear alternatives and sharp disagreement. Only later can we hope to extract America from the leftist clutches into which it has fallen.

reagan-280x300Clear alternatives. Not fifty variations of the same crap that Obama et al. are peddling in Washington. This is what made Ronald Reagan great. When Jimmy Carter had shredded the economy and the 1980 primaries were trying to sort out who would oppose him, the Bushes, Doles, Kemps, and others all had their variations of the same. Only Reagan peddled pure, unadulterated Conservative Theory — which, as he said, “works every time it’s tried.”

And it did. “Trickle-Down” economics restored a badly savaged economy. Just the thought of a man who kept his word and talked tough got the Iranian Hostages released on Inauguration Day. Reagan’s uncompromising stance ended the Cold War – and brought down the Berlin Wall.

He meant what he said. And he kept his promises — which were rooted in Conservative thought.
We don’t need to b rallying behind personalities right now — that approach didn’t get us anywhere in the last election. When it’s about a personality, the party fractures into splinters.

When it’s about conservatism, the party rallies around the best candidate.

Which is how is should be, right?


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