On Freedom’s Wings – Great blog site – Wonderful article

What great news for States Rights activists.

We have an ally, and it appears an active one. One that is taking our message that started on the 15th of April and is spreading outwards.

No. Not taxes.

The Federal government is fat. Not Phat. FAT. And it is wandering into the feeding trough of the taxpayers buffet line with a gullet that is rumbling from new budget problems. It’s going to be 1.8 Trillion short, and it is turning its piggy eyes to us.

It is reaching out with powers it shouldn’t have, running up debts it shouldn’t be. It is taking a form that the Founding Fathers feared and attempted to rein in before it started.

Check out this little article and get in touch with this State Congressman to support him, his ideals, and ask how to do the same in your state!

On Freedom’s Wings.


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