Conservatism as defined by the left – is actually defined as the left!

Actually – you do know that fascism was a socialist program started by Benito Mussolini and co-opted into Nazism by Hitler, right?. Mussolini was a national socialist who called his followers fascisti. He opposed socialism only to the extent that socialism as practiced by Marx was the internationalist version. Mussolini actually followed that viewpoint for some time while in Italy and Switzerland before returning to Italy with a more Italiocentric viewpoint. Thus was national socialism, and fascism born.

Calling Rush and those folks fascists is likening them to your own viewpoint – and in a strange way complimenting them for being like yourself.

These are public facts, historical facts.

One other fact that teachers don’t want you to know – Woodrow Wilson and the ideals he spawned in his administration were much of the blueprint used by Mussolini, who admired Wilson.

Just thought you might want to know that in following Barack down the primrose path, you are following history that led to oppressive regimes.

Will Obama go that way as well? Time will tell, but comments he made regarding public security forces (reminding us of brownshirts), gun control, private property and socialized medicine certainly start making people nervous.

One thing is certain – he hasn’t really given a hoot about what we think since he thinks his 51% is a mandate to do whatever he wants.

What makes any of us think he’ll stop anytime soon or at anything reasonable?


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