The Pelosi circus rolls on

The Pelosi circus rolls on | Midwest Voices.

Everyone remember the strident way Nancy denied everything?

Is anyone in this country going to start enforcing honesty?

We have a speaker of the house who can’t tell the truth about what she was told and when. This is the sort of thing that made Gingrich and Delay step down.

Get out Nancy. You are not wanted any longer. I don’t care if there is a liberal to replace the liberal. To me that isn’t the point.

The rallying cry at this juncture is “stop the liars, stop the dishonesty”

People are scoffing rightly about the dijon coverage though I think it was a tongue in cheek thing blown out of proportion.

This is a lot more serious. I really, at this point, could seriously not give a damn about parties. Get the liars out. Now. This country will be so much better off if we don’t have people with their own hidden agendas.

Just come out and tell us what you really think and trust that you’ll win on what you believe. If you think you won’t get elected, maybe you shouldn’t be.

As to miss pelosi the lying leader of the house – she needs to fly her special privileges jet home one last time – and stay there.

Too bad we suffer these fools so gladly when they all subvert our causes so badly. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on.


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