The Federal Takeover of California – Where are STATES RIGHTS?

The Greenroom » Forum Archive » Up next…The Federal Takeover of California.

As I sit here preparing to write my very very first blog article, I am horrified and appalled.  

I just read the article detailing Obama’s first step to eliminating State’s Rights, and I am scared silly.  Why?  Because my beloved adopted state Virginia also took stimulus money; and is therefore at the mercy of the big man.  (I am compelled to state that our state Republicans managed to refuse $125 million that was earmarked for upgrading the state’s unemployment insurance.)  Of course, Virginia should be okay, at least initially.  Because our illustrious Governor and Senators are Obama lackeys; I feel certain that they will do whatever Obama requires whenever Obama requires it. 

Obama is threatening California with the  $7 billion dollars in stimulus funds they received, because in Arnold’s attempt to balance the runaway budget, it included cuts to the state payroll budget.  This means that state healthcare workers’ wages would be cut.  The Service Employees International Union and the United Domestic Workers did NOT sit still for this and thus the warning to California and Arnold Schwarzenegger came from federal health officials.  Also, this article notes connections between the unions and Acorn.  Makes ya think, doesn’t it?

Are we safe as our forefathers envisioned us?  I don’t think so.  Are we safe as a nation of individuals, I fear not.  The question is; what can we do about it?  I hope there are enough states strong enough to hold out.  We may have to move to one of them.


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