Michelle Malkin » Obama embraces a race-baiter

Michelle Malkin » Obama embraces a race-baiter.

Does this man have no shame?

President Obama is ridiculous – he should be touring the world apologizing for his embarrassing the mainstream American people.

Pretty soon he is going to meet with Bin Laden calling him “his main man” or something like that.

The transparency to his policies aren’t there, the honesty is conspicously missing, the pride in America has been submerged under his obvious internationalism, but by God – his contempt for the long, strong, proud history of the majority of what we have done as a people is very in your face.

Keep going bubba. I imagine some people will start bouncing the idea of impeachment for being traitorous around. And at the rate you are slandering our country or embracing thugs who literaly despise our country, it won’t be far off base and it won’t be long before even your supporters start getting embarrassed too and realizing how far off base you are.


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