Irritated Obama Stares Down Reporter During Press Corps Visit

Irritated Obama ‘Stares Down’ Reporter During Press Corps Visit – First 100 Days of Presidency – Politics

Are you kidding me?

Wow. It seems like I am saying this more and more as I become more aware.

Slipping deeper into the political muck, I find myself constantly surprised by what I am finding at the bottom of the murky goo we call washington politics.

A reporter asked a question about Obama’s choice. I don’t know what he was expecting – transparency maybe?

No one called the man on this. No one said anything about transparency. “The big guy”. Sheesh.

He didn’t seem like a big man at that moment. What is the press corps’ job after all but to ask questions. You walk in amongst them and get a question.


Must have shocked the law professor to no end.

I wonder if that reporter will have a space in the main room or in a basement closet after daring to pose anything but a touchy feely softball “the big guy’s” way.

So, Barack. Just between us fellas here, why ARE you bringing a lobbyist into another position in your administration?

I know – don’t bother – you don’t want to answer me either.


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