:: Cheyenne site gets coal plant :: Cheyenne site gets coal plant.

This article I find interesting, and no doubt the administration will be taking the credit for it. This is a clean coal technology plant that will process coal into natural gas.

I find that to be good, but realistically, the amount of gas that this can produce is not anything that will be earth shattering (no pun intended.)

This is a good thing for the area, but truthfully, having done a lot of research into nuclear power, I would say that I would rather see a new nuclear reactor going in, or a location to reprocess spent nuclear material into new fuel rods.

Most people don’t seem to know that spent nuclear fuel rods are 95% (no I didn’t stutter) renewable. Something they are doing in France everyday, successfully.

Recycling. Efficient. Lower fuel costs. Safe. No pollution.

In the meantime – this plant will process 15-25 tons of coal a week. And while that sounds great – anyone know how much natural gas that will produce?

Seriously curious.

I’ll be talking nuclear later in depth.


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