Oh boy – my first Liberal flamer and my response

I had a commenter – one I have been waiting for.

I am new to the blogging world here. So I got my first real dissenter. And of course, he wasn’t really all that kind hearted nor respectful.

About what I expected.

I would hope that people would be respectful coming on to my blog and arguing with my personal opinion. An opinion that I hold in my heart AS NEAR and DEAR as their own.

For anyone else coming on here – think about how it feels like a punch to the throat to have someone attack your viewpoint in a vehement or ugly manner.

If you don’t like my views – fine. Argue. Use logic. Tie me in knots. I can take that like a man.


For someone to come flouncing on here and throw a temper tantrum because they don’t like what I have to say is exactly what is going on in this country today.

If I say something against the left, they fall on the floor, kicking, screaming, ranting, foaming, cursing and if that fails, they run to court cause I hurt their feelings.

Doesn’t that really seem to be ridiculous?

Don’t you folks ever feel silly?

I can actually say that there are times that I might write an article that I go back and edit to put it into more what I consider to be good taste. Unfortunately, there are people out there with a problem in that they don’t feel that they have to respect anyone. Or anything.

“Screw you” is what they say. Ok – I can take that, but really, aren’t you being silly?

What did I say in the article that made them mad? The fact that we should march with a sign? Doesn’t the left do that frequently? Why can’t I suggest the same? How hypocritical. How pathetic that they are afraid of our opinions and don’t want us to state them out loud.

Was it that I didn’t want to apologize to the world anymore? Too bad. I don’t believe that the majority of the US actions in the world have been evil.  I know we have sent trillions in charity and trillions more in government aid. We have spent millions of lives of our own blood to save Europe twice, try to stop murder in Bosnia, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America.

Have there been issues and illegalities. Yep. Has there been the slavery issue? Yes. Do I like either- no.

Illegalities – tell me one nation in the first or second world that hasn’t. Tell me one nation in the first or second world that has done as much for the world as we have in reparation.

Slavery – look at the records and tell me what nation in Europe, for example, didn’t have that same issue? Especially in their slave… oops – colonies. England, like the person who attacked me seems to be from, attacked the middle east several times. The US is paying the price, according to Osama bin Laden and his allies, for the white European attacks on their homelands as far back as the crusades. Maybe we ought to turn the Islamics on to the UK and tell them to “go to it”. Bet the tune would change if they slammed a plane into Buckingham.

Let’s face it. There is no equality from left to right no matter how we try to moderate the discussion – the conversation always seems to go “You are against my candidate. Therefore you must be a hate monger, a bigot, a homophobe, a scumbag and should be exterminated.”

All that because I don’t believe what they do.

I am not violent. I haven’t hurt anyone. I don’t do anything racist. I am not a racist. I hang out with some really funny guys who would tell you I am anything but. I am fairly liberal when it comes to some social issues.

What offends is that I hate the idea of a new world order, socialism, progressivism, welfare, apologizing because of accident of birth that I ended up as a white American.

I am tired of you people keep telling me that I should be ashamed due to who I was born as. I am tired of you telling me that I should be ashamed of long past history. I am tired of your telling me skewed history that tries to paint my people, my country and myself in an evil, hate filled light.

Your extremist hate that you folks spout, you have harmed me. You folks need to understand that if you wish to have equality, that you can’t act so small.

What you just proved is the fact that many folks who are on your side of the aisle are knee jerk emotional people who don’t want to argue anything other than “My guy is better, you suck for disagreeing with him, you racist bigot homophobic moron”.

Let me see if I can explain to you aggressive folks something in simple terms:

The first amendment allows my opinion as much as yours. For you to attack it in the manner in which you did makes you the extremist hate monger. Have a nice day.


4 Responses

  1. If you can’t be ashamed because you were born here by accident, by logic you can’t be proud to be American either.

  2. Wow – great reply from the same intellectual.

    Would you say the same of any color, race or nationality?

    So what you are saying is that someone who wishes to call themselves African American or Jewish American is wrong?

    I can be proud of what my country is today. I can be ashamed of where it is going and the policies it is enacting now.

    You are telling me, seriously, that I should be ashamed that I popped out of my mother in America and she didn’t have as much color in her skin as another person?

    You are the person making the division. You are the one who is saying that there should be a difference. That one human is different than another due to skin color.

    You are the one preaching the obnoxious religion of the fact that I should be ashamed of who I am and my beliefs that aren’t harmful to anyone. So I don’t think he should apologize to Hugo Chavez or Castro or bow to another ruler.

    What’s that to you, in all seriousness. I acknowledge the wrongs done by my country. Are you English and do you also stipulate that many of the idiocies wrought by your ancestors are the root of much of the race problems in the world today? Shouldn’t you pay American for the 3000 lost due to the hate that should be rightfully aimed at your country?

    Heck, why did we pull the English’s bacon out of the fire twice at that rate? If you want to judge me by things done 100-200 years ago, I’ll judge you by your much longer history.

    Shall we bring up the horrors inflicted upon Scotland, Ireland, or places in Africa or Asia?

    Didn’t think so.

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