Obama to Visit Three Nations in Early June – Presidential Politics | Political News – FOXNews.com

Obama to Visit Three Nations in Early June – Presidential Politics | Political News – FOXNews.com.

Another tour of the apologetic kind?

We all really need to take a very large sign and march on Washington

The sign should read – unlike your wife we’re proud of this country – quit apologizing for us.

Think he would pay attention to several thousand people outside his door? Probably not – he made fun of the Tea Party people now didn’t he?


3 Responses

  1. It’s better than America just assuming all the shit you’ve cause, you’ve had some sort of God Given right to inflict on the World.
    Obama is merely acknowledging your shortcomings. Best President in decades.

    • Ok – now I let you post this on my blog because I believe you have a right to your opinion.

      However, I would ask for respect for my opinion as well.

      As far as best president – 100 days isn’t enough to evaluate ANYONE.

      His socialistic ideals and pandering to dictators, thugs and new world order people is in polar opposition to what I believe.

      His spending is similar to the failure of FDR who increased government spending over 600% and started the whole suckling at the public trough in this country.

      Plus I would love to know what evils – World War II? I? Bosnia? Mogadishu?

      The Trillions of our money that have gone to charity all over the world? The trillions that our government has spent to aid people all over the world as well?

      Sure – we’re all evil.

      What you just proved is the fact that many folks who are on your side of the aisle are knee jerk emotional people who don’t want to argue anything other than “My guy is better, you suck for disagreeing with him, you racist bigot homophobic moron”.

      Let me see if I can explain this to you in simple terms:

      The first amendment allows my opinion as much as yours. For you to attack it in the manner in which you did makes you the extremist hate monger. Have a nice day.

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