Obama throws another person under the bus!

Thanks again to Michelle Malkin’s great site


I wouldn’t be paid enough to take a job in that White House. Everyone who has their head outside their rectal  orifice would have to know that this person was just a sacrificial lamb for the Obama administration’s oops.

I personally wish that for once they would come out and just admit that they made an oops and not destroy someone’s career. There has been entirely too much of that on the political landscape, and the worst thing about it is that the people getting ruined are taking the bullets for the people who should really get out of Washington.

I am so tired of hearing people talk about how people think ” Ah, they’re all dirty” or some such nonsense.

The question begs to be asked – SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

I know – let’s re-elect them. Right?


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