Holder Says Terrorists Wont Be Set Free in U.S. FOXNews.com

Holder Says Terrorists Won’t Be Set Free in U.S. – Presidential Politics | Political News – FOXNews.com.

Eric Holder says that anyone considered terrorists won’t be released here or anywhere.

Sounds like a great sound bite right?

No – of course we won’t release anyone “considered” to be a terrorist.

Uh huh.

We have seen their problems with defining things with their wonderful releases and callbacks from the DHS people. We’ve had recalls on their nominees. Now, we have Eric Holder trying to back out of the shutting down and releasing of everyone.

Who’s to say they don’t consider anyone there a terrorist?

Who’s to say when people are not getting tried? Tribunal or whatever? There can’t be a judgement because the administration has asked for the trials not done to be held up. So therefore – they can’t be called terrorists now can they? ::wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean::

Very crafty Eric.


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