Separation of Church and State – unless…..

Check out the poll – multiple choice ok

This is embarrassing – we can’t say prayers, we can’t have crosses, nativity scenes or Bibles. 80%+ of this country identifies as Christian but the religious minorities are running roughshod.

I don’t have a problem so much with the holiday other than the fact that it is almost illegal to be a Christian anymore. And I’m not even a practicing Christian – I just hate this hypocrisy. And that is all this is.

Sept 24th as Islam Day in Hawaii. How enlightening. Wonder if the ACLU will hear the outrage and do something about this state sponsoring of religion?

Nice date picking as well – if nothing else the Hawaiian House and Senate should be rotten egged for that one.

Phew – you folks really stink. How out of step with most of the nation could you be?


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