Ok – this is getting to be too much

Nancy Pelosi – step foward, step down. This lying has got to stop. It has to stop at all levels of government – but let’s make the same example that was made with Newt.

People who scream about it was just a mistake – the reason I am going to hammer on things like this is because I am tired of ALL of these liars. Repubs and Dems.

She knew she was going to get busted. She lied. She got busted. She is still lying.

Time to fly home for the last time Nancy – get thee gone.

Liberals, Conservatives. We can have different ideas. We can oppose each other’s stances. Let’s send a message from now on – whoever or whatever – it isn’t good enough to giggle and smirk behind a little hand gesture to your mouth and go “oops”.

We want honest government, honest debate and people who are honestly looking out for all 300+ million  Americans and not their power base.

Am I right?

Thanks again to Michelle Malkin’s website




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