Wild pic – brings to mind a point


Amazing comment on life

Amazing comment on life

Now before anyone spazzes – I am against abortion personally. I wouldn’t accept it in my own life. I don’t rail about abortion, because I don’t believe it is my job to stand between the person making their mind up and their Creator – whoever they worship if anyone.

However. I must stand with anyone against the partial birth abortion having had a girlfriend describe one to me years and years ago. Another point that reinforces that stand in my own heart is the picture of the hand of hope that is floating around the internet again recently.

It is stunning and amazing in my mind – that little hand clutching that finger. It makes me retract into myself and become philosophical in my own existence. I can’t tell you the awe in which I viewed that picture for the first time and how it impacted me.

I hope it impacts someone else who needs reminding of how precious life is and what a gift it is to give to someone.


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