More Taxes = More Jobs?

Quick question of anyone out there listening. Can anyone tell me why a company would want to stay on the shores of the United States when their government is proving to be a hurdle to their success?

In Europe as well as many other countries, the governments refund taxes on exported goods. In the United States, the companies not only have to pay taxes on what they sell here, but also across the pond to the government here. They also have to pay the governments over there.

Putting our corporations at a distinct competitive disadvantage seems to be an obstructionist philosophy, engineered to engender a mass exodus from our country of jobs and dollars (gee – it’s happening already? What a shocker). Seems to us that looking at a consumption tax (like 29 out of the 30 top economies in the world have gone to – the one hold out? Us.) that would make the corporate taxes (that are after all passed on to the consumer as a cost of doing business) zero would get companies to flock back to our country, tax illegal businesses, illegal immigrants, and bring the 10 trillion sitting in offshore accounts back to invest in the country, would be a great idea.

Hard choice isn’t it? Growth, jobs, simplicity, transparency as opposed to 67000 pages of tax code?

President Obama should look at how to attract the money back to the shores of our country rather than looking at how to scare more companies off shore. If they move their headquarters, they pay taxes once on coming back here to sell. If they stay here, they pay taxes 3 different ways.

Out of 500 companies interviewed about the consumption tax, 400 said that they would build their next plant here in this country. The other 100? They said they would move here.

Bet the President doesn’t tell you that any time soon – it seems he is too interested in creating another crisis to distract the American people from what the Congress and the White House are trying to reshape this country into.
More on this later!


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