Fascism – A definition

One of the biggest detractors being aimed at many people, at both sides of the aisle is the word Fascist. Also being used is the name Hitler. These detractors have obviously not studied their history, nor the definitions of the word Fascism. Hitler was an admirer of Mussolini, who was a Nationalist Socialist. This is opposed to the Marxist ideal of International Socialism in that rather than a new world order, Mussolini wished to create a state founded on the socialism ideals of Marx’s theories (he originally identified and studied under Marxists in Italy and Switzerland) but not to surrender the state to a one world order.

Italian Fascism was the first form of fascism to emerge and the originator of the name. Founded by Benito Mussolini, it is considered to be the model for later fascist movements.


Benito Mussolini founded Italian fascism as the Fasci italiani di combattimento after he returned from World War I and published a Fascist manifesto. The birth of the Fascist movement can be traced to a meeting he held in the Piazza San Sepolcho in Milan Italy on March 23, 1919. This meeting declared the original principles of the Fascists through a series of declarations.[215]

The first declaration was a dedication to Italian war veterans.[216] The second declaration spoke of the fascist movement’s loyalty to Italy and its opposition to foreign aggressors, and stated that the fascist movement was “opposed to the imperialism of other peoples at the expense of Italy…..”[217] The third declaration announced that the fascists would fight against other political factions, saying that the fascists would “sabotage in every way the candidates of neturalists in all the various parties….”[218]


After declaring their first three declarations, the fascists declared their opposition to bolshevism and socialism, particlarly the socialism of the Italian Socialist Party, for their anti-nationalism, saying:

“…We don’t need to place ourselves programmatically on a revolutionary footing because, in a historic sense, we already did so in 1915. It isn’t too necessary to set forth too analytical a program…..it has now been demonstrated beyond a doubt that Bolshevism has ruined the economic life of Russia…. We declare war against Socialism, not because it is socialist but because it has opposed nationalism…We who have led the attack on political life in these past few years are going to expose the responsibiities of the official Socialist party.”[219]

It is inevitable that majorities become static, whereas minorities are dynamic. We intend to be an active minority, to attract the proletariat away from the official Socialist party. But if the middle class thinks we are going to be their lightning rods, they are mistaken. We must go halfway towards meeting the workers…(comments on Worker rights)…We shall support these demands, partly because we want workers to get accustomed to the responsibilities of management and to learn as a result that it isn’t easy to operate a business successfully.”[220]

via Fascism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hitler, creating the Nazi Party ( Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei ), also embraced the Socialistic viewpoint, with the uniting cause of race hatred, religious hatred and violence.  One small fact of the Italian Fascist Party that often escapes history is that until 1938, Jewish people were a large percentage of that party.  Only alignment with Hitler and his hatred of the Jewish people pushed the Jewish people out of the Fascist party.

In reading the different manifestos of the Fascists, it would seem to this author that the appropriate application of the term facist would indeed be pointed firmly to the left camp with its ties to Socialistic ideas. Does this mean that the left is planning to exercise Hitler like controls? No, of course not. Mussolini actually did not use much in the way of force or violence until his invasion of Ethiopia and eventual alignment with Hitler.

Mussolini and his fascism was at one time, until associated with the word Nazi and the hatred spewed forth by one of the worst madmen of the human historical timeline, was greatly admired and emulated by many far and wide.

One other little tidbit of information not well known – Mussolini greatly admired Woodrow Wilson and his progressive socialistic reforms he introduced in the early 1900’s in America and attempted to emulate those.

More research will be following on the original American fascist – Woodrow Wilson. The author is searching for a copy of “The State” written by said President and said to be chock full of his ideals and motives. More to follow later after the copy is acquired and studied.


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